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3D Scan /
3D Photography

Our 3D scanning service uses our 3D scanners to deliver a 3D model of your items and products in the shortest possible time. We scan with a resolution of up to 0.1 mm to depict even the finest structures and details. Whether smaller objects such as watches, jewellery or shoes, but also industrial products such as small machines, components etc. - everything is in good hands with us. We are also happy to create an object with the right texture to show your product true to the original and three-dimensionally on your website. Especially for e-commerce, our 3D services present excellent qualities of all materials and surfaces such as textiles, plastics, metals or wood etc.

Our services at a glance

  • Consultation and briefing
  • 360° tours, aerial shots and panoramic images
  • Production and finalisation of the 3D data
  • Optional AR animation possible
  • Online presentation of 3D models


3D in e-Commerce

In e-commerce, at trade fairs or on social media, 3D views are becoming increasingly popular. Not only can they be presented from all sides, they can also be integrated with product texts, prices, links or other images. High-resolution details, captivating colours, remarkable material properties, all this convinces your customers and purchase decision. The 3D views also work on all mobile devices or via app in virtual salesrooms.

Items and products are now also presented and sold as 3D models on Google Shopping & Co. Potential buyers can try out the selected goods in their own rooms or on their own body and decide whether the product suits them or not.

3D in the industry

For industry in particular, our 3D service offers the best opportunities to to present or plan products or components. Thanks to the precision and accuracy of the 3D scans, the parts can be precisely measured or reproduced. Product designers also enjoy working with 3D scans and 3D printing, as they have limitless possibilities to bring products successfully to the market.

3D printing

Whether prototype, individual pieces, or small series for all applications, with our 3D printing service, we create a 3D print from your product scans. The possibilities of today's 3D printing are almost infinite. This applies to both the form and the material. A print from a scan is very precise in detail and definitely fascinates your customers. You can offer the products in all sizes, as the sizes and options are almost limitless in this case.


Do you use amazon, ebay, Google Shopping, AboutYou, Zalando, Otto & Co. for your sales? Then we will be happy to support you in optimising your images, taking into account the guidelines of the major online retail marketplaces.

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