Ghostmodel / Hollow Man

What does ghostmodel mean?

In online shops or catalogs, images of clothing often appear to be worn by an invisible person. The viewer sees how the clothes fit and the entire shape, without seeing the model or bust.

Ghostmodel is also known by other names such as Hollowman or Inclip, and it is widely used in the field of fashion product photography.

With Photoshop or other image processing programs, two photos of an article are used to create the effect of a ghost model (invisible model).

When processing an image to create a ghost model, you need views of the product from both the front and from the inside of the product. These photos are then merged so that the interior view of a product is placed where it would have been with an invisible model.

Examples: Ghost models are widely used in online shops or catalogs so that the viewer can see the fit of the clothing without trying the products on themselves.


The secret lies in photography and image processing

Thanks to Hollow Man technique, it is possible for clothing to fall realistically while looking at the inside. There are several ways to do this:

In the first variant, special dressing dolls made of glass or wire are used, which are cut so that they do not cover the inside and the collar of the clothing. This saves a lot of work in the subsequent image processing. However, it is disadvantageous that the actual doll or its structure can be guessed through the clothing, especially with high-resolution photos, which reduces the quality.

Another option is to use a normal fashion doll. First, the outsite is photographed Then you turn the inside out and take another picture. In a complex work step, the composing, the inside and outside are then combined.

What are the advantages of Hollow Man photography?

The Hollow Man staging puts the product in the spotlight. The viewer is not distracted by a model and does not get a wrong impression about the cut and fall of the clothes. On the contrary: Hollow Man photography creates a three-dimensional look that gives an authentic impression of the clothing.

Hollow Man Photography also allows a look inside the clothing. This allows you to identify important details such as the inside color and the lining, which can influence the purchase decision.

And last but not least, the standardized staging supports the uniformity of an online shop and helps the viewer to compare different products better.


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