Retouching Images

What does retouching images mean?

Retouching is used in the field of professional image processing, to improve and enhance image surfaces, for example in fashion photography, photography of people and aesthetics, or for cosmetics and product images.

Digital retouching of photos has become indispensable in the world of modern media. There are innumerable possibilities and functions for digital retouching. For example, you can eliminate visible and sequential errors, optimize focus and illumination or remove and attach entire sections of an image. By using these special retouching techniques, it is possible to change the quality of the image and make it appear of a higher quality. Retouching often requires image editors who work with great precision and attention to detail. In some cases, motifs have to be reworked pixel by pixel, in order to create the desired effect. Today, there are no limits to the possibilities for the optimization and manipulation of images.

Examples: The e-commerce, publishing and photography sectors make use of retouching to optimize their images, for example, to produce flawless faces and bodies.

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