360° Photography

What is 360° Photography?

360° photography is a technique used to create a panoramic effect, in order to capture a three-dimensional environment in a single image.

360° photography is also known by other names, such as 360° panoramic photography, virtual reality photography or 3D photography. All these terms refer to the representation of an environment from several angles. 360° photographs can be created by professional photo and image editing programs, by stringing together several views of an image. Editing requires a large number of images and a high level of precision. The final result allows the viewer to flip the image, enlarge it and view it from all angles.

Examples: Google Maps is a example of the use of 360° photography. The 3D effect enables the viewer to take a virtual tour of the selected environment.


360 degree views for online shops

A major disadvantage of online shopping is that you cannot view the products that you want to buy from all sides, as in stationary stores. But especially with high-quality products or products that require explanation because of many details, an all-round view can be invaluable and make a purchase.

How does 360 degree product photography work?

The products are placed on a turntable in the photo studio and individually positioned and styled according to customer requirements. As soon as the turntable starts to move, individual, high-resolution images of the product are taken - 18, 24, 36, 48 or 72 single images per rotation.

After photography, the images are optimized and linked together using a special software. The more individual images are used, the smoother and more even the end result will be. You get the perfect all-round view with 72 single images. Here the human eye can no longer see that 360-degree photography is a single photo.

Image processing in the context of 360 degree product photography

Of course, just like any other type of photography, 360-degree images can be edited and perfected down to the smallest detail. But the following processing services should be used in any case.

Let your products be cut off from the background. This gives you the opportunity to set in new, individual backgrounds and to stage your product. On the other hand, color corrections and retouching work should be done because the adjustment of light, contrast and color as well as impurities help to show the product at its best.

3D animation

Your products can also be animated in 360 degree photography. A special software animates the individual 2D images and connects them to a 3D animation, which makes your products even more emotional and detailed. For example, a jacket can be closed or a laptop can be opened and closed. Animated zooming is also possible.


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