Color Correction

What is color correction?

Color correction is a professional image processing technique that allows you to change the colors in an image as you wish. Besides re-coloring individual elements or entire parts of an image, focus, color gradients or lighting conditions can also be optimized.

When using the clipping or masking tool the image editor selects a certain color from the image to be processed. In a separate layer of the image processing program, this color can be changed at will, without losing the original shading of the image surface.

This is extremely useful, because with just a single photo of the object, you can create a large number of images of the same object in multiple colors.

By adjusting colors and contrasts, unwanted color casts can also be eliminated.

Examples: Color corrections and color changes are often used for catalogs and online stores, in order to display the same article in various colors. These image editing capabilities are particularly effective for both photographers and e-commerce companies.

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