Digital Composition

What is digital composition?

Composing refers to the combination of two or more images to form a single new image. This type of image processing is most commonly used to remove an object from its original setting and place it on the background of your choice.

The retouching of images composing offers the opportunity to display people or objects in images in a variety of ways. For example, it is no longer necessary to photograph winter fashion in the snow or swimwear on a genuine sandy beach. With professional image editing, you can achieve both natural and realistic results. You benefit from enormous time savings, because you don't have to take a completely new photo for each background.

After the object you want to move has been prepared by clipping in an image editing program, it can be placed on any background. For this purpose the color gradation, illumination, mixing and masking tools are used. Unwanted picture elements can also be removed easily by composing. Wanted image elements, or those that are missing, can also be placed in the image.

Examples: Composing is often used in both online and offline advertising, to create a new perspective on an object..

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