Flat Lay Photography

What is flat lay photography?

The flat lay phtography is a style of photography in which a product is photographed lying flat, without a model or bust.

In flat lay photography you usually put together an outfit consisting of clothes and accessories, to create a single image. Many flat lay photos consist of a blouse with trousers or a skirt, together with shoes and other accessories, to create a specific look. The advantage lies in the perfect depiction of the functionality and style of the products. A combination of different products, textures and patterns ensures a successful product layout. For example, products can be presented symmetrically, smoothed, or in a creative and playful way - there are many possible flat lay styles.

Examples: Fashion blogs, Instagram or Pinterest are all good places to find examples of flat lay photography.


Why flat lay photography?

Flat lay photography is usually an inexpensive and simple variant of fashion photography to present clothing in its shape, color and material. It is suitable for showing textiles as a single piece or a complete outfit, with or without folds. For example, color combinations, material and pattern mixtures, as well as the combination with accessories can be displayed without any problems. This stimulates the imagination of the customers and thus motivates them to buy.

It depends on professionalism

Professional photographers not only arrange and present the garments in the best light, they also make sure that the background fits and the right perspective is used. The clothing is prepared and relined by them with attention to detail. In the case of amateur photographers, on the other hand, clothing often appears flat, poorly lit and is photographed from an unfavorable perspective.

Tip: think about a concept first

Before you start photographing the legeware, a concept should be considered. Which message should be communicated and for which channel are the pictures used afterwards? A sketch of the composition is often helpful. As soon as the concept is ready, the necessary equipment can be planned and the shoot can begin.


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