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With a great deal of passion and commitment, coupled with a profound sense for photography, mediaboxx will put your products and objects in the right light. We will provide you with professional guidance throughout the entire process, from the very first concept of your photo production, all the way to the delivery of your images. Together, we will develop the perfect image concept that will present your images in the best light – at very attractive prices.

Via our international locations, which are manned by experienced, creative photographers, models and stylists, we will create a unique images of products and models, that are perfectly adapted to suit your target group.

Benefit from our years of experience in cooperating with a large spectrum of international clients.

Our team of experts will provide comprehensive advice for your individual enquiry and discuss the details with you, as to how to achieve the best image results for your order. Our experienced production team will process the images from your photo shoot in consistently high quality – even if we need to deliver large quantities of images daily.

Our product photography at a glance

  • Crisp product images in the right light, and creative presentation
  • Promotes sales and reduces returns, thanks to a realistic appearance and authentic colors
  • 360° Photography and 3D/CGI.
  • Video production, put more movement into your images.
  • Final processing and optimization of your images, for immediate implementation on all marketplaces (amazon, eBay, Zalando), including all user rightsn

Our software tool for professional order processing and workflow management

Hollow Man / Ghost

Photographing fashion on a mannequin

We bring your products to life. Hollowman photography enables a realistic representation of your products so that your customer can get a clear impression of your outfits. Inspire your customers with classical presentation of cuts, proportions and fit.

Our service at a glance

  • Brief-discussion
  • Test photo shoot for finalization of the brief
  • Photographing the goods on a bust / mannequin
  • Clipping of the products during the image processing
  • Montages, by incorporating inclips for a realistic 3D appearance
  • Retouching of textile flaws, dust, scratches, folds
  • Optimization by correcting the outline and straightening the article
  • Photo montage on a background, and storage in the format of your choice


Model Photography

In order to give your brand an identity, we also offer model photography (half and full-face). For the customer, this method of product photography is particularly important, because it allows them to see what the product looks like on a person. Thanks to years of experience, we will find a suitable model for you – one who harmonizes perfectly with your products and gives them personality.

Our service at a glance

  • Brief-discussion
  • Model casting and model selection
  • Test photo shoots for finalization of the brief
  • Half and full-face images possible
  • Fitting and photographing of the product on the model
  • Professional image processing, including clipping and retouching of: Skin impurities, unsightly hair, rings under the eyes, textile flaws, dust, scratches
  • Photo montage on a background and storage in a data format of your choice

Flat Lay Photography

Flay lay fashion photography

Benefit from our experience in flat lay product photography for sophisticated style and fashion companies in the retail and e-commerce sectors. We will help you to present your articles in the right light, in a variety of ways, whether as a single item, an assortment or a complete outfit. We will find the right image setting for you, with our classical or creative ideas. Here, special colors and details come into their own, at a glance in Scene.

Our service at a glance

  • Consultation on style options
  • Positioning of the products, test images
  • Finalization of the brief
  • Photographing the products
  • Clipping of the images via professional image processing
  • Retouching of textile flaws, dust, scratches, folds
  • Retouching of labels on shoes, belts and other accessories
  • Photo montage on a background and storage in the data format of your choice

Shoes & Accessories


Bags, belts, scarfs and shoes - this is where details matter and that's why we capture every article in the best possible light. By playing with perspectives, focus and light, the articles immediately become eye-catching, resulting in increased sales.

Our service at a glance

  • Consultation on style options
  • Photographing the products from different perspectives to highlight various details of the material
  • Detailed images of important product features
  • Clipping of the images via image processing
  • Retouching of textile flaws, dust, scratches, folds
  • Photo montage on a background and storage in the data format of your choice


Brilliant Product Images

Our aim is to present your products in the best possible light. By using different backgrounds, base surfaces and props, we can design the classic flat lay photos creatively and inspiringly, so that potential customers are stimulated into buying them. Through exciting perspectives and attention to detail, even simple product images turn into eye-catchers in your online store.

Our service at a glance

  • Consultation and brief
  • Positioning of the products, test images
  • Finalization of the brief
  • Photographing the products
  • Clipping of the images via professional image processing
  • Retouching of textile flaws, dust and scratches
  • Optional photo montage on a background and storage in the data format of your choice


Sparkling results for your jewelry articles

Photographing jewelry is the "hallmark" of photo production. With our experience and passion for the art, we make every piece of jewelry glitter and sparkle in the right light. Be it rings, chains or watches – on a neutral background, on a model or in a special setting – together we will create the perfect concept and spectacular images.

Our service at a glance

  • Consultation on style options
  • Positioning of the jewelry, test images
  • Finalization of the style and the brief
  • Photographing the jewelry
  • Clipping of the images via image processing
  • Retouching of reflections, dust and scratches
  • Optional incorporation of reflections and shade
  • Optional photo montage on a background and storage in the data format of your choice

Product photography – Have your products photographed

The term clipping refers to the separation of objects from the background. Using professional image processing programs, people, products or objects are cut out of photos, using various tools. Thereafter, the images can be placed on a pure white background – which is particularly relevant for online stores.

What image clipping processes are available?

There are various image clipping procedures for the extraction of images, which are applied according to the complexity and circumstances of the images.

Clipping path: The most common and most professional method for the clipping of articles and objects with straight and round edges, is by means of a clipping path. The objects within the image are traced manually, pixel by pixel, to create an exact vector path that separates the objects from their surroundings. In order to create a vector path this accurately, the principle of the Bézier curve is applied, together with additional path tools. In this way, an optimal result, that is accurate to the pixel, can be achieved for the clipped images. These objects can then be placed on any background.

Magic wand: The magic wand tool is often used to roughly crop objects or products. When this method is used, some parts of the edges around the object are not yet cleanly cut, and they need to be reworked manually for a perfect result.

Automated programs: Precise results cannot be obtained with automated programs. Particularly in the case of complex requirements such as the clipping of hair, only manual processing can produce professional results.

Masking with alpha channels: For more delicate picture elements and objects, such as hair or items with fur or fringes, processing with a clipping path does not provide the desired effect, as this method cannot capture the finer details of the image. The transitions between the object and the background must be smoother and the transition areas must be smooth. For this reason, masking is done with alpha channels, in order to capture the finer details of the image. For more information, see Masking.

Why have your images clipped professionally?

The advantages of professionally clipped images are plain to see.

Professional product presentation: Professionally clipped images ensure that presentation of the products in online stores and catalogs is consistent, clear and of a high quality.

Reduced rate of returns: Professionally clipped and processed images present products realistically, thereby contributing towards a reduction in the rate of returns for online stores.

Reduction of production costs: By having your images clipped, you save on production costs. The object only needs to be photographed once, then it can be placed on any number of backgrounds of your choice, or positioned within new compositions or onto different colored backgrounds, without any visible transition.

Alternative formulation

Clipping images I Have your images clipped I Clipping I Clippers I Clipping photos I Have images clipped low-cost I Clippers online


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