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Color correction and color matching for your images

Our color-correction service is aimed at professional operators of E-commerce and online stores, photographers, agencies and companies who have high demands in terms of the quality of true-to-color images.

Thanks to years of experience and our cooperation with the large number of international clients in our portfolio, we are familiar with all of the specific requirements for image processing, for example, in the areas of fashion, automotive and real estate.

Do you offer your products in various colors? Photograph your article once only, and benefit from our recoloring and color correction service. We adjust the colors of the articles according to the prescribed color values, in RAL, Pantone, CMYK/RGB, and provide you with uniformly positioned and scaled pictures of your articles, in the predefined colors. Of course, shadows, contrasts and textures are retained. We also take over specific image adaptation, such as the correction of individual elements, in order to ensure a harmonious overall image. With years of experience and plenty attention to detail, we apply masking or multipath to your images, making a highlight out of each and every product. Get in touch with us now!

Our team of experts will provide you with comprehensive advice for your individual enquiry and discuss the details with you, as to how to achieve the best image results for your order. Our experienced production team will process your images in consistently high quality – even if we need to deliver large quantities of images daily.

Our color correction service at a glance

  • Color and contrast adjustments
  • Focus adjustments, optimization of the color balance and color saturation
  • Recoloring of the images in new colors, according to RAL, Pantone, CMYK or RGB
  • Color correction of individual components

Marketplace Service:

Image optimization for amazon, eBay & Google Shopping

Do you sell your products on amazon, eBay or Google Shopping? Then ask our service team about optimizing your images according to the guidelines for these big marketplaces – and increase your sales opportunities!




Color correction – What does color correction mean in terms of image processing?

Color correction is the retrospective adjustment or modification of the color effect in photographs. The first step is to alter the images that have been scanned or read in, to create a natural effect. After the color correction, the photo should look the way it did at the moment when it was taken.

How does color correction work?

Depending on the location, the light or the choice of camera or film, photographic shots might acquire a color cast. Several methods can be used for color matching:

White balance: The first step is usually to modify the photos to create a natural effect. After color correction, the photo should look exactly the way it did to the photographer at the moment it was taken. The initial approach for this is the white balance of the software. You simply have to find a point in the environment that represents maximum white.

Color and contrast adjustment: If there is still a color cast on the photo, despite the best photographic conditions, it can be compensated for by adjusting the color and contrast with image processing software. To do so, you must search for a point in the image, with maximum white and/or maximum black and click on it. An expert is also able to recognize points of medium gray and click on them, in order to begin the color balance, based on these average values. The software recalculates the color distribution in the image according to the clicks, and usually, the color cast is eliminated. In rare cases, further processing is still needed, because a few color deviations still remain in parts of the image (e.g. in the sky). In this case, the image processor applies a mask to the faulty areas, changing the color distribution by means of the same techniques used for the entire image.

Filters: Professional image editing software also provides filter programs which enable you to apply a color effect to the photo, in order to intensify it. Often, the color range is shifted between the color values for red and yellow, which can increase the impact of the photo, especially where skin tones are involved. Alternatively, you can consciously remove a certain pixel that is not gray, but which should appear gray after the color correction. This results in an overall shift of the color values, changing the impact of the photo in the process.

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