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Have your images retouched

Our retouching service is aimed at professional operators of E-commerce and online stores, photographers, agencies and companies who have high demands in terms of the quality of perfectly retouched images and high-quality product presentation.

Thanks to years of experience and our cooperation with the large number of international clients in our portfolio, we are familiar with all of the specific requirements for the processing and retouching of images, for example, in the areas of fashion, automotive and real estate.

Get in touch with us – your personal customer consultant will give you advice regarding your individual enquiry, and discuss the details as to how to achieve the best image results for your order. Your images will be processed by our professional production team. The result is retouched images of consistently high quality – even if we need to deliver large quantities of images daily.

Our retouching service at a glance

  • General retouching of unwanted elements in models and product groups
  • Optimization and orientation of the article for the perfect effect
  • Comprehensive image manipulation by the removal or addition of entire image sections, products, objects or people.


Image optimization for amazon, eBay & Google Shopping

Do you sell your products on amazon, eBay or Google Shopping? Then ask our service team about the optimization of your images according to the guidelines for these big marketplaces – and increase your sales opportunities!


Fashion Retouching>

Retouching of Fashion and Style

Benefit from our experience in image processing for sophisticated fashion and style companies, in the retail and e-commerce sectors. With our post-processing of clothing, shoe and accessory images we ensure that you get the results you want. We can also store the items in the final image format required by your marketplace.

Fashion retouching at a glance

  • Retouching of textile flaws, dust, scratches, labels, creases, etc.
  • Hollowman montage by installing the Inclips with shadows for a real 3D look
  • General optimization by correcting the outline and straightening the article
  • Retouching of sizing labels on shoes, belts and other accessories


Retouching model images and portraits

Beauty retouching is one of the most demanding tasks in digital image processing. It requires a lot of experience and detailed briefing. We will provide you with images according to your wishes - from the standard retouching with preservation of the natural features of the skin to high-end beauty retouching for online stores or catalogs.

Our retouching service at a glance

  • Retouching of skin blemishes (e.g. pimples, pores etc.)
  • If desired, we will also correct, optimize or retouch prominent, personal skin features (birthmarks, scars, etc.)
  • Correction, optimization and retouching of wrinkles, age spots, dark circles under the eyes, unruly hair, whilst preserving the natural appearance of the image

Retouching of cars and bicycles

Retouching new and used cars, motorcycles and bicycles

Whether retouching dust and other disturbing elements in the interior or reflections on the bodywork and windows, we will give your new car the necessary gloss or improve the appearance of your used car without manipulating the actual traces of use. Be it a motorcycle or a scooter, an e-bike, a sports bike or a rickety old bicycle, we will improve your images and increase your chance of a sale.

Retouching of cars and bicycles at a glance

  • Retouching of dust and scratches (no manipulation of used cars)
  • Correction, optimization or retouching of reflections on bodywork and windows
  • If desired, we can add shadows, color correction, a background, a logo or a watermark
  • Possible storage for any online sales portal of your choice

Product retouching

Retouching of articles from all product groups

We will retouch your photographed articles down to the finest detail, according to your wishes. Whether electronics, toys, homeware, food and groceries, or other product groups, after wehave worked our magic, every article in your online shop will impress your customers.

Product retouching at a glance

  • Retouching of dust, scratches, reflections and mirroring
  • Retouching of transparent objects (e.g. glass)
  • With color correction, shadows or mirroring on request

Retouching - What is image retouching?

Retouching refers to the improvement and alteration of image elements. The retouching of digital images is supported by image processing programs, such as Adobe Photoshop. Today, image retouching is an indispensable part of the production of an image for any purpose, whether for product presentation in online shops or for advertising campaigns, catalogs or other advertising materials.

What methods are available for retouching images?

  • Spot retouching: In spot retouching disturbing spots are removed.
  • Change of focus: When the focus is changed, the subjective impression of the focus is changed to a target value.
  • Beauty retouching: retouching of faces, skin and bodies for a flawless result.

Why have your images professionally retouched?

The advantages are plain to see.

  • Professional product presentation: Professionally retouched images give online storess and catalogs a consistent, clear, premium quality product presentations.
  • Reduced rate of returns: Professionally retouched and processed images present the products in a true-to-color, realistic manner thus contributing to a reduction in return rates in online stores.

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