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Our masking service is aimed at professional operators of E-commerce and online stores, photographers, agencies and companies who have high demands in terms of the quality of masks and channels for image files, for the purpose of further processing.

Thanks to years of experience and our cooperation with the large number of international clients in our portfolio, we are familiar with all of the specific requirements for image processing, for example, in the areas of fashion, automotive and real estate.

The ultimate discipline in image processing is the clipping hair, fur and feathers. This requires a professional team with a great deal of experience. Masking separates hair, people or fine objects from the background or isolates individual parts of the image. It makes re-coloring, color adjustments or composition easier and saves a lot of time – and it’s gentle on your nerves. Our specialists will create the data for you in the shortest possible time and deliver it in the format of your choice, as a PSD or TIF, including all of the channels, layers and masks. Get in touch with us!

Our team of experts will provide comprehensive advice for your individual enquiry and discuss the details with you, as to how to achieve the best image results for your order. Our experienced production team will process your images in consistently high quality – even if we need to deliver large quantities of images daily.

Our masking service at a glance

  • Masking down to the finest detail, for web or print
  • Processing of various data formats, such as RAW and TIF
  • Storage in the format of your choice, including all layers, masks and channels
  • Immediate further processing, thanks to optimum quality
  • Easy order processing, free of charge, via online our online tool, pixflow


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Masking - What does masking images mean?

In the masking of images the aim is either to change the colors of individual areas of an image or to move them to a different background. In order to do this, the corresponding areas must be left blank at first. With various tools, a color gradient or a certain shape can be clipped out.

What are the different masking processes?

There are various masking methods for images, and the method used depends on the complexity and condition of the images.

Color correction mask: One popular mask is the Color Correction Mask. An object in the image is moved to another layer, and the color can thus be changed independently of the rest of the image. For example, one ball of ice cream can be removed from an ice cream sundae i an image. This ball can then be colored in a separate layer. The filters function in such a way that the details of the photograph can be retained. If you now put this edited layer back into the original image, nothing will have changed, except the color of that one ball of ice cream. This technique is often used for product photographs, making it possible to illustrate the product in a catalogue in different colors.

Masking with alpha channels: For more delicate picture elements and objects, such as hair or items with fur or fringes, processing with a clipping path does not provide the desired effect, as this method cannot capture the finer details of the image. The transitions between the object and the background must be smoother and the transition areas must be smooth. For this reason, masking is done with alpha channels, in order to capture the finer details of the image. For more information, see Masking.

Why have your images masked?

Masking offers the following advantages:

Time and cost savings: As already mentioned, just a few product photos can be used for several colour variants, through targeted use of colour masks. Instead of employing a photographer to take pictures of numerous colour samples, he can a few good photos of each sample, which can then be used for all of the colors. Since only one image has to be processed, the work is reduced substantially depending on the number of available color samples. For garments on a model, in particular, the desired quality of the images can be achieved more easily. If the garment is perfectly matched in an image where the model's face is not ideally represented, two images can be combined. Instead of looking for a compromise when it come to a photo series, you can take one detail from each picture and combine them to get a perfect image.

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