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Our clipping path service is aimed at professional operators of E-commerce and online stores, photographers, agencies and companies who have high demands in terms of the quality of perfect, realistic compositions, on the web or in print.

Thanks to years of experience and our cooperation with the large number of international clients in our portfolio, we are familiar with all of the specific image processing requirements, for example, as required in the areas of fashion, automotive, travel and real estate.

Our Clipping path service offers numerous options for the Clipping of images. We specialize in photos of all kinds, including products, objects and people, as well as sophisticated photography of fashion and models.

Talk to us – your dedicated customer advisor will discuss your individual enquiry with you to determine the details required to achieve the best imaging results for your order. Our experienced, professional production team will process your images. The result is high quality clipping, even when large volume of images need to be delivered daily.

Our clipping path service at a glance

  • Precise clipping to the pixel, regardless of how complex the motifs are
  • Clipping of large order batches possible in no time at all
  • We will clip your product photos and save them in the format of your choice
  • Image optimization for amazon, eBay & Google Shopping
  • Further processing steps such as shadows, mirror effects, retouching, color optimization and much more
  • Straightforward order processing with our online tool >>pixflow
  • Personal point of contact and customer advisor

Marketplace Service:

Image optimization for amazon, eBay & Google Shopping

Do you sell your products on amazon, eBay or Google Shopping? Then ask our service team about the optimization of your images according to the guidelines for these big marketplaces – and increase your sales opportunities!


Clipping with shadows

Image optimization for realistic product presentation

Clipped images with shadows give your products more spatial depth, thereby helping to create a more realistic visual appearance. We will gladly advise you on how to create realistic shadows or retain the photographed shadows for optimum results. Why not arrange a consultation right away?

Clipping with shadows

  • Simple cast shadows in black and white, with consistent angle of incidence and density
  • Addition of realistic shadows, in line with the exposure of the original photo
  • Retention of the shadows from the original photo

Clipped images with mirrored surfaces

High-quality product presentation through mirroring

Increase the quality of your product images with mirrored surfaces or reflections, and present your range with a high-quality look – highly recommended for jewelry, metallic products and cosmetics. The mirrored surfaces give your products greater depth and a consistent, valuable appearance in your online store or catalog. Ask your consultant for recommendations for your product range!

Clipped Images with Mirrored Surfaces

  • Copying of realistic reflections with a consistent angle of incidence and density
  • Retention of the original reflections, for example, on plexiglass sheets

Clipped Images – What are Clipped Images?

We use the term “clipped images” to describe objects in a photo, that are extracted from the background. Using professional image processing programs, people, products or objects are cut out of photos, using various tools. Thereafter, the images can be places on a pure white background – which is particularly relevant for online stores.

What are the different image clipping procedures?

There are various image clipping procedures for the extraction of images, which are applied according to the complexity and circumstances of the images.

Clipping Path: The most common and most professional method for the clipping of articles and objects with straight and round edges, is by means of a clipping path. The objects within the image are traced manually, pixel by pixel, to create an exact vector path that separates the objects from their surroundings. In order to create a vector path this accurately, the principle of the Bézier curve is applied, together with other complementary path tools. In this way, an optimal result, that is accurate to the pixel, can be achieved for the clipped images. These objects can then be placed on any background.

Magic Wand: The magic wand tool is often used to roughly crop objects or products. When this method is used, some parts of the edges around the object are not yet cleanly cut, and they need to be reworked manually for a perfect result.

Automated Programs: Precise results cannot be obtained with automated programs. Particularly in the case of complex requirements such as the clipping of hair, only manual processing can produce professional results.

Masking with alpha channels: For more delicate picture elements and objects, such as hair or items with fur or fringes, processing with a clipping path does not provide the desired effect, as this method cannot capture the finer details of the image. The transitions between the object and the background must be smoother and the transition areas must be smooth. For this reason, masking is done with alpha channels, in order to capture the finer details of the image. For more information, see Masking.

Why should you have your images professionally clipped?

The advantages of professionally clipped images are plain to see.

Professional Presentation of your products: Professionally clipped images ensure that presentation of the products in online stores and catalogs is consistent, clear and of a high quality.

Reduction of the rate of returns: Professionally clipped and processed images present products realistically, thereby contributing towards a reduction in the rate of returns for online stores.

Reduction of production costs: By having your images clipped, you save on production costs. The object only needs to be photographed once, then it can be placed on any number of backgrounds of your choice, or positioned within new compositions or onto different colored backgrounds, without any visible transition.

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