Model Photography

What is model photography?

In model photography, articles, such as clothing or accessories, are optimally showcased by their optimal fit on the model.

Model photography is used extensively in the fashion industry, in order to present company brands. Photographing the products on a model gives an impression of authenticity that a bust, mannequin or coat hanger can never achieve to the same extent. Model photography gives the viewer a better idea and impression of what the product actually looks like, and the fit is optimally represented. For effective model photography, you need a model, space and great lighting.

This type of photography offers a variety of opportunities to present a product on a model, with different poses and in various environments. For example, you can choose between half face or full face, still images or moving pictures, in an individual style that matches your product and label. The main purpose of model photography is to give the product more character, so that the viewer is able to visualize the advantages of the product better.

Examples: Online stores, like H&M, rely on model photography to present their clothes most effectively.


Half or full face photography?

There are various ways of staging a product perfectly in the fashion industry. Two of them are half-face and full-face photography:

In the half-face version, the model is first photographed from head to toe. Afterwards, however, the picture is cropped so that the model can only be seen up to the mouth. Accordingly, eyes, nose and hair are not shown. This has the advantage that the clothing is completely in the focus and the potential buyer can still imagine how the clothing looks and falls on the body.

The full-face version shows the whole model. Clothing is no longer the only focus here, but the product can be perfectly staged by posing, choosing the outfit and styling the model. On the one hand this creates moods and emotions and on the other hand it presents a certain lifestyle that goes hand in hand with clothing.

Post-professional photo processing

After the photo production is before the photo production: In order to get THE perfect photo, the image material has to be edited afterwards. Professional image editors match the colors to those of the original products. They do retouching, composing and many other tasks. The image material is adapted to the customer's needs and processed.


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